Moreland City Council has agreed to close off the end of Florence Street in Brunswick and install a temporary park over summer. This project is an opportunity to transform a small underused road into public open space for people to meet, gather, celebrate, hang out and enjoy the elements. Florence Street will no longer be just a dead end thoroughfare to the station, but a dedicated space for locals and visitors, dogs and kids and others to gather and meet. It will also be an important antidote to the dominant built form of the area.

Transforming dead space needs more than just milk crates and astroturf – it needs people to bring it to life. This is where this blog comes in – we need as many people as possible to register their interest to keep updated on progress and use the park over summer.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Florence Street – we still need your support. The more people that demonstrate their support of the park, the more likely Council will agree to a permanent park on the site

We’d love you to be part of the project – to keep up to date on the progress and planned events, please follow this blog as well as like, follow and share on –  twitter: @florencestpark and facebook: @florencestreetpark and instagram: @florencestreetpark


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