This blog encourages people to be part of the Florence Street Park in Brunswick that is currently being developed by Moreland City Council.  The aim is to connect those interested in being part of the project and ensure the park’s development and programming responds to the needs of the local community. The content of this blog is not connected to or endorsed by Moreland City Council.


In early 2017 community members petitioned Moreland City Council to convert the underutilized area at the end of Florence Street into a park. Over 500 messages of support were collected through the website within a few weeks. In response to this, at a Council meeting on 12 April 2017 they agreed to close the end of Florence Street for temporary use as a park. At that meeting, Council agreed that the temporary closure will run from November 2017 in order to assess the benefit of the park and engage with the community on their views.

The Anstey Urban Village in Brunswick has recently experienced a high level of housing development. There has been a significant increase in the number of mid-rise apartment blocks built which continues to change the nature and character of the neighbourhood. The area is in desperate need of public, open green space and relief from the relentless built form, with the nearest parks being over 800m from the area. A pocket park will improve the sense of community and contribute to the visual amenity of the area by providing a space for meeting, gathering, relaxation and play that it currently lacks.